Le Jeunes Tigres or the young tigers included Luckner Cambrone, 41 years old at the time of the documentary who were a group of trusted advisors to Baby doc in the early 1960s?

Luckner Cambrone was also in charge of building out the Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince and the garden city of Duvalierville.

Luckner was a former tonton macoute. They were publicly deferential to Baby Doc but it was the young tigers, Simone Duvalier and her daughter who controlled and ran the government. Baby Doc preferred to enjoy his playboy status with his new wife Michelle Bennett.

Under Baby Doc controlled by Luckner, the open door policy of Haiti began.

From: 6:34 to 7:15 on this film is a description of Duvalierville.

It was a city build as a symbolic homage to Duvalierville. However, it was too expensive for most Haitians to live there. Thus many Haitians did not live in that place for years. The built homes sat empty as an open folly. It was later on that the influx of poorer Haitians came to fill in the space. Reminding me of Manning-Thomas’s anecdote from her mother-in-law about “those people” that followed and started being placed in the new public housing sounded eerily similar to Supplice’s complaining about the presence of the poor Haitians that came and flooded the great town and changed what would have been a beautiful new town and homage to his ancestors into a poor town because they did not respect upkeep or couldn’t afford to do so.

CIA ARCHIVES: Haiti During the 1960s – Full Documentary (720p HD)

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