Whilst serving as a planning researcher-practitioner, I seek to always prioritize the principles of advocacy & equity planning. Here are some of the tailor-made services provided to clients given their respective planning solution: 


Community Planning and Public Policy

My focus areas are environmental justice, gender mainstreaming and international development. I specifically focus on policymaking, such as zoning and land use, as it affects the local, community development scale.


Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessments & Learning

I use culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) techniques to ensure projects are sensitive to the target populations’ needs.

  • Qualitative Research: Field research, Survey data collection, Ethnography, Nvivo coding, Thematic pattern analysis
  • Quantitative Data Analysis: SPSS, R, Advanced Excel techniques, Access, Oracle, and Big data management
  • Data Management: Data Processing, SQL coding, Microsoft Access, Oracle
  • Data Visualization: ArcGIS, QGIS
  • Survey Research Management: Research design, implementation, and delivery of analytics products and services; Logistics planning and data collection management; Documenting processes and developing new approaches; Building predictive models using regression techniques; Experimental design and causal inference


Visual Sociology

  • GIS Mapping: GIS maps are created as per client requests.
  • Spatial Analysis & Data-Driven Recommendations
  • Filmmaking as Site Analysis


Writing and Editing

Planning decisions must be informed by up to date knowledge. I use my writing skills to produce policy briefs and literature reviews that summarize key, recent findings. For academic and/or professional audiences, writing and editing services are provided on an as-needed basis.

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