As a development researcher-practitioner, my objective is to study how planners partner with communities to identify and implement their visions for spaces to live, work and play. I use my applied research skills to develop policy recommendations for systematic reform and emancipatory power for historically, marginalized and impoverished communities.

Providing planning and policy recommendations in the grey area between humanitarian and long-term, development work is necessary to prevent wasteful misuse of scarce funding in aid-dependent countries. SMJ LLC’s aim is to provide Scholarship in Service to Society with a focus on the planning, policy & applied research sectors. For more information, send an email!



Services Overview

  • Planning and Public Policy
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessments & Learning
    • Survey Design and Statistical Data Analysis
  • Visual Sociology
    • GIS Mapping
    • Spatial Analysis & Data-Driven Recommendations
    • Filmmaking as Site Analysis
  • Writing and Editing

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