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Dr. Sophonie M. Joseph is a a visual artist and community planner. She uses conceptual photography and documentary filmmaking as tools to conduct visual sociology. Sophonie researches the diffusion of urbanism ideas into Haiti as a lens to analyze the decentralization and disaster planning context.  Her commitment to social equity informs a transformative worldview and involvement with grassroots initiatives in Haiti and the US. Her deep passion for justice stems from her background in working with and supporting vulnerable communities over the past decade. She currently sits on the board of BlackSpace, a Black urbanist collective of architects, planners and artists, that strive for environments that recognize, affirm, and amplify Black agency, discourse and thought. Through her participation in parallel academic and professional spheres, she has built formidable skills in the realms of transnational planning, intersectional feminism and environmental justice.

My objective in all my professional endeavors is to provide Scholarship in Service to Society. – Dr. Sophonie M. Joseph

“Foucault is a Footnote!” – Anonymous

“And they said, ‘Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens…’ – Genesis 11:4a

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